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Healthier Employee’s = Happier and More Productive Employee’s

We want to partner with YOU to help keep your employee’s happy, healthy, and productive.


It has been proven in research, both specific to cryotherapy and also in reference to cold stress, that exposing the body to cold stress by means of extreme temperatures helps to stimulate the immune system. Along with better immune function, cryotherapy can:

  • Help to boost mood – A more content employee is less likely to cause inter-office issues and more likely to be more productive
  • Provide for a more restful sleep – In a world where we are always “go go go”, it’s important that the little sleep we get is deep and restful
  • Increase metabolism – This can be used in combination with a well balanced diet and exercise to accelerate fat loss
  • Soothe pain – Chronic pain can be debilitating and affect job performance. The less pain your employees experience the happier and more productive they will be
  • Increase energy – Due to the endorphin release, your employees will experience more energy to perform at their best

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