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The Benefits of Essential Oils

Tom Polakow, RN, BSN

15 January 2017

Wellness isn’t just for health connoisseurs anymore; it is for the everyman (and everywoman). So, for all of us, your new year wellness tip? Essential oils! Essential Oils can improve your life by reducing anxiety, boosting your mood, reducing nausea and much more.

Do we have it at CryoPure Spa? Sure do!

At CryoPureSpa we care about your health. We aim to improve constantly to give you the latest and greatest.

So, implementing essential oil air diffusion into our Infared Sauna was a no-brainer.

Interested? Try it here.

Touted Potential Benefits:

Anxiety Relief, Mental Clarity, Improved Sleep Quality, Improved sense of Relaxation, Reduced Depressive Symptoms, Less Nausea, Cut down Cold, Better Digestion, More Focus and Concentration, Enhanced Circulation, and reduced Muscle and Joint pain.

CryoPure Spa Essential Oils:

Rosemary | Sweet Orange | Frankincense | Lemongrass | Tea Tree | Peppermint | Eucalyptus Lavender






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