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Can’t Sleep? Maybe Cryotherapy Can Help

Tom Polakow, RN, BSN

8 February 2017

CryoPure Spa has been open for approximately 7 months now and one of the greatest benefits we have seen with our regular clients is the ability to get a more restful sleep.

Why is sleep important?

As we age, increased bad stress (distress) and reduced levels of melatonin, combined with other factors, lead to a decreased ability to get a restful sleep. The National Sleep Foundation now recommends approximately 7-9 hours of sleep each night, depending on your age.

But there is a difference between being in bed for 7 hours a night and actually sleeping during those 7 hours. If you aren’t in REM sleep for more than (at the very least) 20% of the night, you are going to wake up groggy and tired.

So why do I think Whole Body Cryotherapy can help? Because, during a session, the fight or flight response elicits a substantial release of norepinephrine and acetylcholine, both very important in the activation of REM sleep.

Think of the 3 minutes as a pressing the “reset” button on your body. There is a reason why we are recommended to sleep in colder temperatures and allow our bodies to experience extreme cold and extreme heat. The benefits are only being touched upon yet.


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