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We are a personalized feel-good wellness center

Our focus is to use our different non-invasive modalities to help you stay fit, stay beautiful, and stay young.

“Great spa atmosphere, very relaxing. First cryotherapy visit and my cellulite is so much smoother, my skin is tight. I can’t get over how my cellulite is almost gone. Also I slept really deep and was relaxed all afternoon. I am going back soon.”

Debbie C, CryoPure Client

Our Services

CryoSkin 3.0 - NEW!

38% Average Fat Loss

With the latest in advanced technology form Paris, the Cryoskin applies sub-zero temperatures to destroy fat cells in the body, providing non-invasive treatments for slimming and toning


Localized Cryotherapy & Facials

A targeted stream of nitrogen gas applied to any area for 10 minutes. This modality has a variety of different applications. Great for facials, a bad knee/elbow, or any inflammation related issues.

Whole Body Cryotherapy

The next generation of recoverywellness, and feeling good. You stand inside of this state-of-the-art chamber for only 3 minutes as it fills with gaseous nitrogen. You can think of this like the next generation of the ice bath. The focus is to lower inflammation systemically to achieve a wide variety of benefits.

Light Therapy

At Cryopure, we use two different devices for our 30 minute infrared sessions. With our infrared sauna you can experience the ultimate detox whilst relaxing, relieving pain, and improving circulation. Our Celluma is a localized light therapy device with FDA approval for muscle and joint pain, acne, and wrinkles.

Our Pricing

Can you really put a price on feeling better?




Any Service.

(Excluding CryoSkin)

First Time – Includes 2 Sessions




Unlimited. One per Day.

Mix & Match – Any Service.

(Excluding CryoSkin)

$11 per session




Valid for 12 Months.

(Excluding CryoSkin)

$275 – Package of 5 ($55/session)
$450 – Package of 10 ($45/session)
$525 – Package of 15 ($35/session)




Cryoskin Toning – Cryoskin Slimming – Cryoskin Facial

$1500 – Package of 5 ($300/session)

$2750 – Package of 10 ($275/session)

**New 40-min Cryoslimming**


$2000 – Package of 5 ($400/session)


Expert cryotherapists

Meet Our Team


What People Are Saying

“Very nice and clean atmosphere and recommend it. The staff is professional. And know what they are doing. Go and try it out to find out yourself.”

Dr. Tom Bryant

Chiropractor, Precision Spinal Care

“My husband is a retired NFL player and current Ironman triathlete. Needless to say, his body has a lot of wear and tear. He immediately felt the benefits: body aches gone, mood happy and positive, and best of all – he slept better than he has in decades! The facility is beautiful and modern, and Katie was friendly, helpful, and stayed with us through the whole process. CryoPure followed up with an email and phone call to see how my husband felt. I highly recommend CryoPure based on the difference I observed in my husband. I’m ready to give it a try!”

Kim Adamle

Wife of Mike Adamle, former NFL player

“Love this place and the owners are great!! Have never felt better after doing the total body treatment and am literally pain free! The facial I have done twice and people who I see everyday are commenting on how great my skin looks and asking what I’ve done. I’m hooked and will refer everyone I know here for these amazing all natural treatments!!”

Lily Horowitz

Founder, The Core Method

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