Normatec Leg Compression

Leveraging advanced compression technology, they boost lymphatic drainage, reduce swelling, and flush toxins. Perfect for athletes and those seeking leg comfort, these boots improve circulation, accelerate recovery, and elevate your daily performance.

Muscle Relief

Eases muscle soreness and tension for all-around comfort.

Lymphatic Drainage

Aids in reducing swelling and flushing toxins.


Boosts blood flow, essential for overall leg health and vitality.

Custom pressure

Equipped with an intuitive interface that allows you to personalize the pressure levels in each chamber, ensuring a comfortable and effective session tailored to your specific needs.

Dynamic compression

Employs a sophisticated system of air chambers that inflate and deflate to mimic natural muscle contractions.

Sequential pulse

Features a unique pulsing action, moving upwards along the limb to ensure optimal movement of fluids.

zone control

Allows you to specifically target areas within the leg, enabling focused attention on particular muscle groups or problem areas for a more tailored experience.

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