The Spa

Paige and Tom Polakow dove into the entrepreneurial path in 2014. Through their leadership, operations, and clinical experience in healthcare and wellness, Paige and Tom saw a gap in the offerings in their community to serve the population in holistic and non-invasive research-based wellness services. With a passion for making a positive impact, Tom and Paige decided to start CryoPure Spa in Highland Park in 2015. Over the years, CryoPure Spa has served the North Shore and surrounding suburbs faithfully, always with an eye on what other research-based modalities could benefit clients, continuing to enhance the spa’s services. The incredible clients of CryoPure Spa have made it what it is today – and the team is so grateful for the support and connectedness over the years. To many more years as being a 5-star-rated wellness spa”

Paige, Tom, Hunter, and Skai Polakow – North Shore Natives

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Little to no discomfort reported while using our services
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All services take less than an hour
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Recovery, Pain Relief and Fat Loss/Beauty
your health
& beauty.
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