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Tom and Paige Polakow, a husband and wife duo, created CryoPure Spa™ in an effort to use their combined 15 years of healthcare experience to help improve the lives of those around them. After hearing about the holistic benefits of Cryotherapy, the duo decided to give the therapy a try themselves and quickly fell in love. Due to their medical backgrounds, they felt the need to dive into the research surrounding Cryotherapy and found that there was and is some incredible potential for the use of Cryotherapy in a multitude of ailments. Tom and Paige hope to be able to contribute to the research of Cryotherapy in the United States whilst helping to treat those around them simultaneously.


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Tom Polakow, RN, BSN

Tom Polakow, RN, BSN


Tom comes from a family of Registered Nurses and had the privilege of growing up around medicine. He started his career into medicine at an early age as a Certified Nursing Assistant and quickly worked his way up the ranks through education and hard work. Tom has spent the majority of his RN career in Orthopaedics, the medical specialty that focuses on injuries and diseases of the body’s musculoskeletal system. Most recently, he worked alongside of Dr. Patrick Birmingham, a well respected orthopedic surgeon and team physician for the Chicago Bears, and then as a Director of Nursing for the top performing, orthopaedic only, home healthcare agency, Aspire Home Healthcare.

Tom brings a large amount of medical experience and knowledge with him and hopes to help bring more understanding and science to Cryotherapy in the United States. His love for helping people understand their illnesses and being involved in treating them is contagious. Tom’s goal is to take CryoPure and Cryotherapy in the United States to the next level through strategic partnerships and involvement in more comprehensive research.

Paige Polakow, MBA

Paige Polakow, MBA


Paige comes from a family of business leaders and developers. She started out in business like much of her family, but wanted to marry her passion for medicine with her love of business and went into healthcare administration.To ensure a clinical understanding before moving into her administrative roles, she spent time as a PCT in orthopedics, a Medical Assistant/Research lead for a Neurology group, and took additional science courses to expand her knowledge. She is working at Northwestern Medicine, the highest-ranking hospital group in Illinois, and currently works as the Director of Operations, Business and Strategic Growth at the Magnet-designated Lake Forest campus.

Paige brings a creative and business-driven mind to CryoPure Spa™. Like Tom, her passion for healthcare comes from her desire to help people and to always find new ways to treat ailments and improve the lives of others. Paige’s goal is to learn even more about the benefits of Cryotherapy through CryoPure Spa™ and spread that word, but also to ensure that the known benefits are experienced by all those who need it as we continue to grow.



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