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WNBA Chicago Sky chooses CryoPure Spa as Official Cryotherapy Provider

By: CryoPure Spa, LLC

May 2017

The Chicago Sky have partnered with Cryotherapy and Recovery provider, CryoPure Spa. Following in the footsteps of the Chicago Cubs, the Chicago Sky will be the first WNBA team to officially use cutting edge Whole Body Cryotherapy in their recovery protocol.

Whole Body Cryotherapy is an innovative and cutting-edge modality that according to research, decreases recovery time, positively impacts performance and improves upon the traditional ice bath while providing a much more tolerable and efficient experience. While an ice bath can last anywhere from 10-20 minutes in a wet and uncomfortable tub, Whole Body Cryotherapy only takes 3 minutes and is done using colder dry gaseous nitrogen providing for a more comfortable and impactful experience.

The Chicago Sky began using Cryotherapy at CryoPure Spa at the tail-end of their 2016 season, and due to the positive benefits they’re beginning a partnership with CryoPure Spa as of May 2017. The Chicago Sky will play their first home game at Allstate Arena in Rosemont on May 19th. Their commitment to their players’ recovery and performance truly shows the Sky is committed to their season, their fans and their team.

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Highland Park Spa Customers Find Sub-Zero Temps Therapeutic

By: Karen Berkowitz

July 26, 2017

Brandon Elsasser was aware that professional athletes were using cryotherapy for muscle recovery and optimal performance.

So when Elsasser, an avid tennis player, learned that a new cryotherapy spa was opening in Highland Park, he was among the first clients.

“I was always on the lookout for something,” said Elsasser, a 32-year-old Northbrook resident seeking relief from the lower back and leg pain he experiences after a tennis match or his daily workout.

He’s felt so good after his three-minute exposures to extreme cold that he now visits CryoPureSpa about four or five times each week. During each visit, he steps inside a cryotherapy sauna that fills with gaseous nitrogen, lowering the temperature inside to 130 degrees Celsius, the equivalent of 266 degrees below zero on the Fahrenheit scale.

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New in Town: Experience Cryotherapy at CryoPure Spa in Highland Park

By: Olivia Ellis

July 11, 2016

If you’re looking for a cryotherapy spa to cool off at this summer, downtown Highland Park has the place for you. CryoPure Spa, created by husband and wife duo Tom and Paige Polakow, celebrated its grand opening June 18. Research has shown that cold-based nitrogen therapy offers numerous benefits, including pain reduction, improved sleep quality and weight loss effects. The spa offers both whole body and localized cryotherapy. First time clients can receive a $45 introductory offer on the spa’s website.

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Cold Snap

By: Laura Hine

July 2016

Icing away aches and pains just got a lot cooler – and we mean that literally. CryoPure Spa, which opened this June in Highland Park, is riding the wave of scientific evidence that brief exposure to cold (really cold, like minus 274 F) temperatures can reduce inflammation and help with a host of other complaints. “I’m a nurse and I’ve worked in ortho for a long time, so I know that ice speeds up recover and reduces pain,” says Tom Polakow, who opened CryoPure Spa with his wife, Paige.

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Cryotherapy spa opens in Highland Park

By: Courtney Jacquin

August 2016

Living in the Chicago area, we’re accustomed to the cold and usually, well, we’re not too fond of it. But what if the cold was the secret to healing our ailments all along?

Enter: cryotherapy, a curative health treatment involving subzero temperatures.

When Tom and Paige Polakow, two health care professionals, learned more about the research and health benefits around cryotherapy, the dove in head first and opened CryoPure Spa in Highland Park, located at 1849 Green Bay Road, which opened in June.

Tom, a registered nurse in orthopedics and Paige, a manager of nursing performance operation at Northwestern Medicine, have more than 17 years experience combined in healthcare and wellness, always knew they wanted to one day start a business together. After researching the benefits of cryotherapy, the Lake Forest residents and New Trier grads knew that this was it.

“We decided to go for it,” Paige said. “The amount of benefits that there are, and us being in health care, caring about patients and wellness, as a whole as a wellness facility, it seemed like the perfect fit.”

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