New research points to better Post-Covid Recovery with the use of Whole Body Cryotherapy

Two newly published scientific journal articles found Whole Body Cryotherapy to be an innovative treatment in Post-Covid symptoms like loss of taste/smell, fatigue, and pain.
Many of those who were infected with Covid-19 experienced loss of taste and smell. Anosmia is the inability to smell. Hyposmia is the reduced ability to smell.
The first study, “Whole-Body Cryotherapy as an Innovative Treatment for COVID 19-Induced Anosmia-Hyposmia: A Feasibility Study” (link to article on research page), found that “…gains in olfactory function were clinically important in anosmic or hyposmic patients who received high-dose WBC (5 sessions over 1 week), with improvements >50% when comparing pre-intervention with follow-up assessments.” 
The second study, “Post-Covid Symptoms and Whole-Body Cryotherapy: A Case Report” (link to article on research page), determined “…the rationale for prescribing WBC sessions for Post-Covid symptoms appears to be in line with existing evidence for clinical and functional benefits following WBC…”. Researchers also noted, “After the first 2-min session of WBC… the patient reported an immediate subjective improvement in breathing.”

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