Smooth Out Cellulite And Improve Lymphatic Drainage With Endosphères

Do you suffer from fluid retention or cellulite? These could be signs that your lymphatic system is not functioning optimally.  

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The lymphatic system is a network of tissue, vessels, and organs that play an integral part of our immune system. It protects our body from pathogens, maintains body fluids, removes cellular waste, and absorbs fats from our digestive tract. While our body is designed to cleanse and remove toxins naturally, stress and digestive issues can impair our ability to do so properly.  

Cellulite isn’t really my issue (I have plenty of others), but I can be prone to fluid retention, especially near my menstrual cycle. But what I am seeing at 46 years old that is bothering me is skin laxity—regardless of how much I work out.  So, I recently tried out Endosphères, a fairly new non-invasive treatment that incorporates a patented technology called Compressive Microvibration Therapy that was developed by bioengineers in Italy to treat various types of cellulite, lymphedemas, and muscular bands. When researching the technology, it was the before and after patient photos that sold me. Not only did the treatment tone the skin and smooth out cellulite, some patients looked completely lifted as if they had surgery. 


“Endosphères is a clinically proven treatment that targets cellulite at its root causes, not just its symptoms. It’s like a high-tech deep tissue massage that leaves you smooth, toned, and contoured. This new wave in whole-body wellness works with your natural systems, bringing your body back into balance. No lasers, no needles, no downtime,” Simon Mansell, founder of Artemis, the exclusive U.S. distributor of the technology tells me. “The technology reduces the appearance of cellulite and balances the body by increasing blood flow, improving lymphatic drainage, removing toxins and water retention, and helping to increase collagen production.

Endosphères Compressive Microvibration Therapy
Endosphères Compressive Microvibration Therapy COURTESY OF ARTEMIS

Compressive Microvibration Therapy
Compressive Microvibration Therapy COURTESY OF ARTEMIS

Produced by the Fenix Group, the principle behind Endosphères is that by delivering low frequency vibrations between 39 and 355 Hz it simulates a pulsed, rhythmic action on the skin and tissue that reduces cellulite, helps support lymphatic drainage, improves vascular action by improving circulation and nourishing the tissue, provides pain relief, and helps improve muscle tone by stimulating the muscles with vibration. “Standard treatments include the legs, butt, stomach, and flanks, while full body treatments include the latter in addition to the arms and back. There is also a facial handpiece which creates the same collagen producing effects in the face, neck, and decolleté,” explains Mansell. 

The treatment is administered by a handpiece shaped in a cylinder that rotates on its own with 55 silicone spheres positioned in a honeycomb pattern. Dr. Pier Antonio Bacci, who helped create the Endosphères technology, tells me that our bodies have a variety of receptors for sensation including cold and heat receptors along with vibration receptors that detect deep and mild pressure. 

“Each of these characteristics initiate a response in our bodies including increasing vascularity, regenerate, and heal then via the reflex arc, we reduce pain through endorphins; this is very important. We need to stimulate certain points. This is how Endosphères was invented. It filled the scientific void for us in a simple way, but is very sophisticated from a technical standpoint,” explains Bacci. “There needs to be a perfect balance because the rotating microspheres, which have a precise diameter and a precise density, so as to support strength, allow the stimulation of these areas depending on what type of vibration we want and the response we’re looking for. Therefore we’re not performing just one treatment, we’re performing many depending on the mechanism. Not only does the patient’s tissue improve, they will surely see less cellulite and less fat deposits.”

Endosphères Compressive Microvibration Therapy
Endosphères Compressive Microvibration Therapy COURTESY OF ARTEMIS/DELANEY ALLEN-MILLS
Endosphères Compressive Microvibration Therapy
Endosphères Compressive Microvibration Therapy COURTESY OF ARTEMIS/DELANEY ALLEN-MILLS
Endosphères Compressive Microvibration Therapy
Endosphères Compressive Microvibration Therapy COURTESY OF ARTEMIS/DELANEY ALLEN-MILLS

The term ‘cellulite’ was born in France in 1920 and became knows as the ‘orange-peel” effect. “It then became lymphedema, then venous insufficiency, and then became adiposity But cellulite simply is another way of the body saying ‘watch out, something’s wrong’, says Bacci. “There are 30 causes behind cellulite, which is nothing more than alteration of connective tissue. To address cellulite you have to purify yourself, which you can do on your own. Secondly, you need to vascularize and oxygenate the tissue, which can be done with a lymphatic massage. Endosphères Compressive Microvibration does just that.”

So how many treatment sessions are needed to improve the condition? Mansell tells me that it depends on the severity of the cellulite.  “We typically suggest a minimum of 12 sessions. But, clients typically feel results within the first few sessions, and begin to see significant results after four weeks. After the initial course of 12 sessions, we recommend following up with maintenance 1-2 times per month.”

Mansell explains to me that improvements can be maintained if people keep up with maintenance sessions coupled with with other healthy lifestyle choices like eating a balanced diet, drinking water, and working out. When I inquire about clinical data that supports the efficacy of Endosphères Mansell tells me, “In what may be the largest study in aesthetics, the manufacturer studied 656 people across 24 medical centers, which demonstrated an average improvement in cellulite of 39% and 97.8% customer satisfaction.”

Barring those with contraindications, Mansell says that anyone is a good candidate for Endosphères given the technology’s ability to balance the body and treat aesthetic concerns at the root. “Before delivering a session, the Endospheres technician reviews the contraindications with each client to ensure they are the right fit for the service. The most common contraindications are pregnancy and breastfeeding. Many customers use Endospheres post surgery to help with drainage, however if it’s within 3 months you will need physician clearance to do so.”

Endosphères Compressive Microvibration Therapy
Endosphères Compressive Microvibration Therapy COURTESY OF ARTEMIS/DELANEY ALLEN-MILLS

Endosphères can also be used on the face to reduce wrinkles. Just like on the body, the facial treatment stimulates collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid, and oxygen to deliver a healthy glow. It also relaxes and tones the facial muscles, which makes the skin look more smooth and lifted. 

Bacci tells me that the non-invasive technology delivers results that are quite unique.  “It fascinated me because when we use it on the forehead we work with a sliding motion, unlike the botulinum toxin, which blocks the muscle. This is something completely different. It decreases the hyper-contraction and this is important because these days we are all hyper-stressed. If we reduce hyper-contraction, the tissues oxygenate. It is truly the first barrier towards maintaining our health and keeping it looking youthful?” Mansell adds, “The underlying cause of a lot of beauty concerns on the body and face is poor lymphatic drainage and stagnation. Helping the body bring nutrient rich blood to an area and remove toxins and excess fluid retention, as is the case with Endosphères, is critical to things like collagen production and overall balance in the body.”

So far, I have had roughly ten treatments over the last few weeks on my lower body and I can absolutely see a difference in my skin’s texture and tone. My skin even appears more youthful looking. For a non-invasive treatment with minimal side effects (unlike cryo or radio frequency, where operator error can lead to burning of the skin), I am incredibly impressed. Next, I would love to try out the facial treatments to see what kind of results those yield. I am also curious if this treatment can be used as a non-invasive way to lift breasts. I am dying for a viable, non-surgical alternative to having to have a breast lift or augmentation. I would scream that solution from the rooftops.Follow me on LinkedIn. Check out my websiteMeggen Taylor


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